Frequently Asked Questions

Does SmartGunz’s technology limit what I can do with my SmartGunz firearm?

No, not in any manner. It is as responsive and reliable as any other firearm.

How does a SmartGunz firearm unlock?

While wearing an RFID enabled glove, the shooter grips the firearm while depressing the activation switch.

How fast does the SmartGunz firearm unlock?

In under 200 milliseconds (less than 1/5 of a second).

How long does a SmartGunz firearm stay unlocked?

As long as the shooter continues to depress the safety activation switch provided the shooter’s RFID-enabled glove is firmly gripping the hand grip.

Can my SmartGunz RFID-enabled glove operate other SmartGunz firearms

No. Each SmartGunz civilian firearm is paired to one (and only one) unique RFID tag.

What about left handed / ambidextrous users?

SmartGunz’s firearms are designed specifically for either right–handed or left-handed shooters and must be ordered accordingly.

How does this help address firearm abuse or misuse?

Opportunities for firearm abuse and misuse are eliminated provided unintended users don’t have access to the RFID-enabled glove.

Will the government or anyone else be able to hack / remotely disable / modify my SmartGunz firearm?

No. The technology is entirely self-contained and can’t be accessed, hacked or manipulated remotely.

Does the purchase of a SmartGunz firearm require any additional certifications or background checks versus a traditional firearm?